The ECD Mirage Lacrosse Head is the latest innovation from East Coast Dyes (ECD) and is built to offer elite performance on the lacrosse field. The ECD Mirage utilizes an aggressive flare for added control over pocket tension and channel while stringing. Designed with a gradual bottom rail the ECD Mirage ideal for a mid to mid-low pocket design. East Coast Dyes reduced excess material with the Mirage making it light weight while retaining strength through out the head for powerful shots and superior control. The ECD Mirage is UV resistant and is made with the finest impact grade material to withstand aggressive checking. As with all of East Coast Dyes products, the Mirage is proudly made in the USA!

- Designed specifically to create the perfect pocket with superior string ability for a smooth and consistent channel.

- The Mirage is engineered with superior strength in mind while remaining lightweight by eliminating excess material making it ideal for powerful shots and increased control.

- Made with a high impact grade and UV resistant material specifically selected for its durable characteristics that are ideal for the sport of lacrosse.

ECD Mirage Unstrung Head