Since 2004, TRUE Temper lacrosse has been designing and manufacturing some of your favorite lacrosse shafts. Now, new for 2019, the TRUE engineers have designed the True Frequnecy Complete Alloy Attack Lacrosse Shaft, exclusively under the TRUE brand name.

By combining both smartply and smartflex technologies, players will be able to enhance the perfect balance of strength, weight, and flex for any style of play. Smartflex technology allows for the shaft to flex when passing or shooting, providing more torque and snap in your shot, adding velocity.

Universal Frequency lacrosse head designed with superior geometry incorporated throughout ensuring optimal strength and stiffness in a lightweight head.

Multiple stringing hole of varying sizes, shapes and placement for ultimate pocket customization.

Sidewall and scoop angles are tuned to work in unison for perfect hold and ball release for any style of play.

TRUE Frequency Complete Alloy Attack Lacrosse Stick