Warrior Blade Custom dyed head with String King 2s mesh.


The Blade was a “MUST OWN” for all middies who faceoff when it first came out and its legacy is still coveted today in the lacrosse community.

Due to its long narrow channel, the blade OG is able to provide a consistent release and excellent ball retention. The channel and flex of the head are perfect for executing the C-clamp during crucial face-off situations. The unique flared sidewall will not only be able to help produce a faster clamp, but offer maximum pinch and grip over the ball. If that was not enough, the flared sidewall will also offer a wide face to help you catch and receive the ball better without giving up pinch. It’s the best of both worlds!

Lastly, the Blade OG was re-released using the same mold, materials, and plastic as before when it was first launched in 2001. Only 5,000 have been remade, if you want to take home a piece of history and dominate every faceoff then act quickly, because this head is an absolute gem.

Warrior Ole' Blue - Warrior Blade OG