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CanLax Lacrosse

is family owned and operated

Shawn Schimpf, got the Stringers Itch roughly 20 years ago.
Back then, mesh quality and availability were no where near what we have today. After fixing a few sticks for himself and other teammates, He quickly began to realize more and more people need help and advice! Ever since then, we have been going to tournaments after tournaments, educating, helping and showing players, coaches and parents how to properly maintain and string sticks.

The George family and player Eric George began supporting and working forh Canlax in 2017 so in 2019 with Shimpf's expecting their first child priorities and time commitments changing they passed Canlax onto the George's.

Our Mission continues to be to help as much as we can to ensure the community of lacrosse grows.   We have quickly learned the need for reliable, affordable. strong and durable lacrosse shaft. So many parents and players were spending hundreds of dollars on shafts that can barely handle a stick check.

In the summer of 2015 we started focusing on making the strongest shafts in the market. We determined to keep it affordable and long lasting we had to go back in time and return the hickory to the game. It is 100% Canadian hickory and handmade! We've tested and stand behind our product which is why we the confidence to provide an industry leading 6 month limited warranty! And of course those not ready for the traditional hickory shaft we also have a full line of composite and graphite shafts available.

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