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Introducing the Ion: the quick attackman’s dream. Featuring our patent pending Diamond Plastic, a design focused on aerodynamics, and a tight face shape, the Ion was built for speed. Speed that will leave defenders wondering what just happened as you celebrate with your teammates.

The Ion is perfect for elite offensive threats who like pushing the limits leaving announcers speechless.


Lightweight - Our patent pending Diamond Plastic has an extremely low density allowing this to be our lightest head ever.


Fast - What makes this head fast? Science. Well, aerodynamics. This is the most aerodynamic head in our line allowing your stick to cut through the air like you wouldn’t believe. So, if you rely on lightning-fast hands, like Jay Carlson, this one’s for you. 


Specialty Screw - When we say every detail was considered, we mean it. Each Ion comes with two specialty screws that sit perfectly flush with the head, giving you the most comfortable grip possible.


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