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CanLax's own 100% Canadian hickory lacrosse shaft. Handmade to ensure a prefect product! Fully inspected and meets all diameters and specifications! We have done extensive and vigorous product testing and because of this testing, we are giving an industry leading 6 month limited warranty on every shaft purchased!! Our shafts are made for the strongest of lacrosse players, weighted and designed to punish the opponent! These shafts can outlast any on the market and with our CanLax guarantee you can feel proud to know that your purchase is also going back to the environment. That's because, for every 10 Shafts we sell, we donate our time and efforts to replanting another tree in its place. Hear at CanLax we feel this is the most important step to ensure our future is bright, both on and off the field! 

If your shaft breaks in a game and you are looking for the warranty exchange please follow the instructions below. 

1)Email us with a photo of the breakage
2)Explain how it broke 
3)The date it broke
4)Mailing address and contact info

And that's how easy it is!  We will then review your email and determine if the break was caused by game play.  In this case, we will ship you a new shaft within 2 business days!

CanLax offers a 6 month, 1 time replacement warranty for game breakages. this warranty excludes, bends, scraps, scratches, chips, dents, fading, splintering and warping. Warranty only covers game related complete breakages (snapping). If you  have any questions please feel free to call us in regards to our warranty standards. Warranty is subject to change with no notice. 

Stained 30" Hickory Lacrosse Shaft

Stain Color: Natural
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